Studio Q27

Located in the Quonset Hut Village at 660 W. 17th Street #Q27 in Costa Mesa, CA, Q27 is the new Quonset Hut studio for Nancy Hadley of Nancy Hadley’s Fine Art Commission and Mike Hardesty of Elevated Contractors. Both businesses operate independently in the space and come together for Branding and Tenant Improvement projects.

The Quonset Hut Village is home to a wide variety of tenants including interior designers, cross fit gyms, artisans, and mechanics. Q27 is made of corrugated galvanized steel and has a semicircular cross section and measures 20’ wide x 10’ high x 71’ long. It is said to have come from Fiji and was installed with many other huts at its current location during WWII.

The Quonset huts were used as temporary housing for Army personnel and were affiliated with the Santa Ana Army Airbase (SAAAB). The SAAAB was a classification center, where aspiring cadets were tested for aptitudes and classified as pilots, navigators or bombardiers – the SAAAB, as the largest of the three bases, was the only base to provide pre-flight training for all three classifications. Combat personnel who trained at the three bases contributed greatly in the battles of World War II. Numerous SAAAB cadets returned to the Costa Mesa area after the war and became a major factor in the growth of Orange County. It was deactivated in 1946.