Bar Rescue

If you tune in to Bar Rescue on Spike TV you will see host, Jon Taffer, his co-host, Nicole Taffer, and a rotating team of experts take over bars that are in tough shape and work to revive them both financially and physically.

Producers of the show sought out Nancy Hadley for her extensive experience in design and makeovers for television. She was brought on as Production Designer for the first and second seasons of this highly successful show. While she designed all 20 bars and renovated them with her incredible art team, she also appeared as Design Expert to Jon Taffer on several episodes.

In season one Jon described Nancy, “ She understands all my sciences and knows how to design to create a money machine.” She had a wonderful time as Production Designer for Bar Rescue and was thrilled to be invited by Jon to speak at the 2012 and 2013 Nightclub and Bar Conventions on the subject of design.

Nancy says of working with Jon, “Having done production design and art direction for several years, I have worked with many talented people. Jon was unique because he is the consummate businessman. He can assess problems in a business, call out the solutions, and then implement them. My role was to make the environment meet the new function and improve the customer experience.”