Recently I had the pleasure of working on a new show for a new media platform with the production company Turn Card Content. The network for this upcoming mobile device media platform is called Quibi and it launches on April 6th. I was the production designer for their show called Barkitecture and it was quite a project to take on. I was hired by my former colleague from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Karin Jarlstedt. She was the Executive Producer and ran the whole production ship. Everyone on our team seemed to live and breathe dogs and this was a good thing as the recipients of all our hard work were dogs (and maybe a rabbit or two). Our amazing hosts, Delia Kenza and Tyler Cameron, are so talented and fun to watch and they absolutely adore their clients. I can’t wait for you to see the show.

On the show I was in charge of designing the houses and directing their fabrication and installation. Fortunately I pulled together an amazing crew with the help of my artist/builder friend, Randy Stonitsch. On one of the houses I was away for a prior engagement so my friend, Michael Storc, stepped up and designed the duplex we later built. My right hand woman was Lisa Beaird who took a leap of faith and joined me on this fast-paced ride to get 10 dog houses designed, built, decorated, and installed in record time. I am grateful for everyones hard work and if I do another build show I am definitely calling the above plus Dean, Jack, Brandon, Max, Felipe, John, Dorian, Charlie, Kaitlyn, Daniel, Edwin, Ciara, and Nick. People wore so many hats on this show. Producers , production, sound, and camera all pitched in together to make this happen.

So how does this all relate to pet portraits? One word – inspiration. I have been an artist for as long as I could hold a crayon. Professionally I have been using every aspect of my creativity and on television shows I often lead teams to build something like a space that is larger than myself and involves more than just pretty pictures. It has been a while since I painted 3-4 murals in homes every week across the country for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition but I continue to do my own abstract gravity paintings, private sculpture, and painting commissions during my off time for television. But, this is a new level. I can’t stop painting portraits!!! And often I layer them on my gravity paintings. Dogs, cats, people, cartoons characters. I am loving all the inspiration. It has also helped me stay sane during the covid-19 shelter in place directive here in California.

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