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Dec 3 / Administrator

Fresh Eyes Through a Camera’s Lens

A friend was visiting and I thought it would be fun to show her where my husband grew up.

Dec 1 / Administrator

Why Not Make a Walk In Gingerbread House?

When my son was two and a half years old I took him to the Teddybear Tea at a hotel in San Francisco.

Nov 20 / Administrator

One of My Favorite Designs

I have been doing production design and art for reality shows for 10 years.

Nov 8 / Administrator

SEMA 2013

I am a huge fan of the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas (SEMA). It is a huge convention loaded with all things for motor vehicles.

Oct 26 / Administrator

Cleopatra & Mattel

In 1997 my friend, Margaret, worked in the Design Center at Mattel as a toy sculptor. My husband, son, and I had just moved to Southern California and I had left my job with Academy Studios, Inc. in Northern California so I was looking for work. I had tried to be at home and embrace mommy and me classes and play dates but my creative side was screaming for attention. I was picking up mural and design projects but I was new to the area and starting up was slow. Margaret got me an interview with her boss, Michael, and after meeting with him he gave me a homework assignment to see if I could sculpt to the quality the company required. I decided to do a 3D portrait of my 13 month old son.

Oct 17 / Administrator

Final Episode Tattoo Rescue – Pop’s Place, Philadelphia

Working on Tattoo Rescue with Joey and Sammy was a blast.

Oct 17 / Administrator

Photos from the road a few years back – New Jersey/New York

I have been going through photos lately and have come across some images that I took on the road while designing and renovating a restaurant for an episode of Kitchen Nightmares Season 3 in New Jersey.

Oct 12 / Administrator

Tattoo Shop in East LA

I renovated a tattoo parlor in East LA with Sammy and my art team for Tattoo Rescue on Spike TV.

Sep 15 / Administrator

A Rescue in Brooklyn

Last May I traveled to Brooklyn to redesign a struggling tattoo shop for Tattoo Rescue.

Sep 10 / Administrator

12 Years Ago

Special Delivery 9/11/01

Twelve years ago on 9-11-2001 I was awake at 4:30am PST.